How many times can I send the same email?

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September 17, 2013 by IdeaFuel Consulting

I am starting this simple WordPress site as an experiment in virtual sharing.  I have sent the same email to enough parents sharing my favorite apps that it was time to find a bigger way to share.

For those parents who are not vehemently opposed to screen time and believe that we are in the midst of a technological revolution in education, this site may work for you.   Its purpose is to create an electronic bulletin board for parents to share and review apps, websites and other educational enrichment options for kids.

I am constantly on the look out for new apps, websites and other virtual resources that make learning fun, make concepts sing in my sons’ minds, and are just plain cool.

Last night I told my family  that I want to go get an education technology degree at Stanford.  I am envious of those on the front lines of adaptive learning and the fabulous EdTech frontier.

I am going to work on populating this site with some of our favorites as well as some of the brilliant EdTech press.

I hope this site may resonate with others and we can get a virtual conversation going.


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